A Zimbabwean woman, Josphene  Mudzingwa, was recently elected as the councillor for Benton, United Kingdom (UK) under the Labour party ticket.

The Chirumanzu-born Mudzingwa garnered 1577 votes with the Conservative party candidate getting 534 votes.

Yesterday, Mudzingwa, who has lived in the UK for 22 years, said getting elected as a councillor in a foreign land was a historic feat.

“I am the first black councillor in the 48 years of North Tyneside‘s history.

“My thanks go to the people of Benton and Forest Hall who have elected me.

“Many thanks to everyone who helped in any shape or form by leafleting, campaigning door-knocking or loud-speaking,” said Mudzingwa.

She also noted that her wish was to change the lives of the people of Benton by improving living standards and co-existence between whites and blacks.

“During Covid-19 peak days, I gave people in isolation African delicacy food. My project called culture and diversity North East is to reduce racism through community cohesion and learning each other’s cultures,” added Mudzingwa.

She said her commitment to community projects inspired her to venture into politics.

“Looking after a wheelchair user for seven years made me realise that I am more committed to the issues that affect people of Benton.

“Things I have done talk more about the things that I will do for Benton ward. 

“I promise to listen and make Benton an even better place to live”.

Mudzingwa, who grew up in Chirumanzu, graduated from the school of nursing in 1988 after which she joined Kadoma General Hospital.

She then emigrated to the UK in 2000. – Daily News