AN activist aligned to Zimbabwe’s Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Godfrey Karembera, known as Madzibaba Veshanduko, will stand trial on May 11.

Karembera who was arrested and allegedly beaten by the police while wearing a yellow robe and chanting slogans in town was back in court yesterday where he was given his trial date.

 He was allegedly told to stop chanting slogans but he refused and went on to insult the police officers resulting in his arrest and he was charged for undermining police authority.

Meanwhile, the trial of other CCC activists Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri accused of faking their abduction will continue on May 4.

The trial was postponed yesterday after a State witness failed to turn-up amid reports that she is bedridden and in hospital having been taken ill resulting in the prosecutor applying for a postponement.

Allegations are that on May 13, 2020 at around 1230pm, the two and other MDC-Alliance youths participated in a demonstration in Warren Park.

It is alleged that they later called their friends, family and lawyers saying that they had been arrested at a roadblock near the Showgrounds and they had been taken to Harare Central Police Station and checks showed they were not there.

On the same day, social media platforms and local newspapers were awash with news that they had been arrested.

It is alleged that it was later said they had been abducted which turned out to be false and attracted adverse comments locally and internationally derailing the country’s economic recovery efforts.

They have denied the allegations as persecution by the State at the behest of Zanu PF for political purposes.

They said they did not at any stage tell any relative, friend or lawyer that they had been abducted and that this is a narrative being peddled by the police and the State in order to abuse them. – Daily News