By Dionne Kanyowa

A HARARE woman who is suing a dispensing optician Neil Mtungwazi and Pearls Opticians for causing blindness in her right eye after an alleged wrong treatment, has decided to amend her damages claim alleging her initial claim had been eroded by inflation.

Mary Machingura was yesterday allowed by the High Court to amend the US$79 258 she had initially claimed in June 2018.

She argued the amount no longer reflected the true expenses she incurred in seeking treatment after the failed treatment by Mtungwazi.

Justice Sameul Deme presided over the matter.

“As at the date of injury, I believe the claimed damages in the sum of US$79 258 covered the extent of loss which I had experienced.

“Further, the claim was affected by statutory provisions which equated local dollars with US$S.

“It is, therefore, my humble submission that the sum claimed as at the date of injury is no longer sufficient to compensate the applicant. 

“In these inflationary times I am of the view that the object of bringing the claim will be defeated if I continue with the claim as is on the summons filed,” said Machingura.

Machingura claimed that sometime in January 2018, she went to Pearls Opticians to seek medical attention for her itching eye.

She was attended by Mtungwazi who prescribed pyrimon eye drops which she used.

Unfortunately Machingura claims that after applying the prescribed medication, she started developing eye complications.

She then approached a specialist who advised her that she had developed holes in her eye as a direct consequence of the medicine prescribed by Mtungwazi .

Machingura allegedly went to seek medical attention in Italy in an attempt to rectify the complication.

Around March in 2018, Machingura was advised by the Italian medical experts that her eye had been permanently damaged and as a result, she lost vision.

This led her to institute a claim against Mtungwazi  and the optometry company he works for the expenses she incurred seeking medical treatment as well as loss of amenities and permanent disability.