Top Dell Technologies executive Doug Woolley has praised tech for helping the economy to bounce back.

TECHNOLOGY has been hailed for driving sustainable economic growth as the world emerges from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic.

The sentiments by an industry executive precede next week’s United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as (COP26), which present a major moment for international co-operation to respond to global climate challenges.

“After 18 months of crisis navigation and laying the groundwork to build back better, more resilient and sustainable societies, we are now well positioned to transition from designs of recovery to an ambitious tech-driven reality,” said executive, Doug Woolley.

He is the Managing Director Dell Technologies South Africa.

Woolley spoke about adapting to accelerate new realities that kept businesses afloat over the best part of almost two years that ranged from embracing virtual desktops and video conferencing to more advanced data processing in hospitals and banks.

Meanwhile, investments into cloud-based technologies as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have allowed entire industries to communicate with citizens, customers and service users in a faster, more personable fashion.

Wolley noted technology had already shown potential and centrality to societal progress during the pandemic era.

This by keeping citizens connected, powering vaccine research, enhancing healthcare and sustaining education throughout the peaks and troughs.

“But as we enter a new chapter – coinciding with the technology revolution that promises an explosion in big data with 5G speeds – digital tech has an even greater role to play.”

Wolley forecast technology to maintain its role as a great enabler.

“Moving beyond recovery and settling into a new reality, technology will do more than sustain us,” he stated.

The executive projected companies that invest in innovation during a time of crisis outperform their peers during the recovery.

“Tomorrow, technology will take us a step further – helping us to reimagine the way we live, how we connect and stay healthy,” he said.

Businesses are forecast to provide services that are innovative thanks to new 5G speeds, AI-powered insights and Edge computing capabilities.

In conclusion, Woolley said as the world continued momentum with the move beyond recovery towards the next reality, collaborative approaches should become the new norm.

He hailed technology as the vehicle transporting the globe towards 2022 and beyond.

“There’s a long road ahead, but we have the route planned out. We just need to make sure there’s room for everyone on board,” Wolley said. – CAJ News