KHARTOUM, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) — Deputy Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereign Council Mohamed Hamdan Daqlu on Wednesday vowed to reveal the “malicious plots” against the cohesion among tribes.

“There are malicious plots targeting the cohesion of the social fabric among the tribes. We are aware of these plots, and we will reveal those behind them,” Daqlu said at a press conference at Khartoum airport.He reiterated the government’s commitment to addressing tribal fighting and fostering reconciliations among the tribal components in Sudan’s western Darfur region neighboring Chad. Daqlu said it’s important to maintain security on the border with Chad to prevent the recurrence of what it called “a cross-border attack by Chadian armed groups that killed at least 18 Sudanese civilians on Aug. 4.” He added the Sudanese-Chadian joint forces must play an active role to prevent the infiltration of outlaws across the border. Sudan and Chad share a border that stretches for as long as 1,350 km. The Darfur region has been a witness to deadly violence since 2003. Efforts over the years to end tribal conflicts met failure, blamed on tribes’ access to weapons and a lack of effective governance in many parts of the region.