MOGADISHU, July 25 (Xinhua) — Somali Parliament resolved on Monday to give Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre 10 more days to form his government.

Barre, who was expected to name his cabinet by Monday, 30 days after his appointment, said he was yet to finalize consultations on the formation of the cabinet. Barre, who was appointed on June 25, requested parliament to give him an extension to form an all-inclusive government, noting that the delay was due to a protracted electoral process. “In order to form a balanced government, it is necessary that I spend sufficient time in consultations with various politicians of the country and civil society,” Barre said in a statement.  “Somalia is at a crossroads and must move forward. We need to form an administration that can deliver the change and development our people urgently need,” he added.

Lower House First Deputy Speaker Sadia Yasin Samatar said 144 out of 145 lawmakers who attended the session Monday approved Barre’s request while only one legislator opposed it.  The prime minister held a series of meetings Monday with religious leaders and some civil society groups on the formation of the government. During the meeting with civil society, Barre highlighted the role of Somali youth in participating in the development, noting that they are the future of the country and their advice is useful in supporting the government.  The prime minister said he exchanged views with them on the cabinet he is establishing, and how it would create job opportunities for the Somali youth.