THE South African Broadcasting Corporation has again fired the country’s multi-award winning sports anchor, Robert Marawa.

The broadcaster said: “The SABC would like to announce the departure of renowned sports broadcasters, Mr. Robert Marawa and Ms. Vaylen  Kirtley.

“Robert Marawa departs following the conclusion of the MSW (Marawa Sport Worldwide), which Marawa presented on both METRO FM and Radio 2000 simultaneously.

“Ms. Kirtley presented the Sport segment of SABC’s television current affairs show, Morning Live, and was also an anchor for SABC sport programming.  She joined the SABC 20 years ago and started with junior sports programmes at the time.

“The SABC would like to wish Mr. Marawa and Ms. Kirtley well in their future endeavours and appreciates their contribution to SABC Sport programming.”

In 2017, Marawa was axed from SABC TV and from Metro FM, where he presented the massively popular Metro Sport Centre.

Due to public pressure, SABC brought him back to do Marawa Sport Worldwide on both Metro FM and Radio 2000 in 2018.

But today they fired him again and told him he can’t even do his last show, the anchor revealed in a tweet:




On a day where we have been shown the door by the SABC & unceremoniously told NOT to do my last Show tonight!! #MSW wins the prestigious #Radioawards 🙏🏾


It’s unclear where he is headed, but judging by what happened in the past, he may bounce back on another platform.

In July 2017, Marawa was fired from Metro FM after he refused to return to work in solidarity with his producer, Beverly Maphangwa, who had been suspended for playing clips on-air that included commentary from pay-channel SuperSport.

He returned in 2018.

Responding to a tweet by Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi earlier, Marawa tweeted:

“Appreciated Mr President!!

“The cabal reigns supreme but we always wish them a Merry Xmas!!


Marawa also tweeted:

“So after serving the Public Broadcaster through time, I am sent yet another text from a person in an “acting” position informing me of this.👇🏾👇🏾
Same modus operandi as SS.

What do they fear about the last Show??

Thank you Mzansi for the love & support thru the years. #MSW 🙏🏾”