HARARE — The number of murders resulting from trivial disputes has increased recently in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean Republic Police on Tuesday said.

Paul Nyathi said in a statement some of the disputes occurred at beer outlets or other public places.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that the public must exercise self-restraint when faced with disputes or disagreements with friends, relatives or any members of the society,” Nyathi said. 

“Communities are implored to find peaceful ways of resolving differences or disputes without resorting to violence,” he added.

For instance, in one of the incidents reported recently, a 39-year-old man in Mashonaland Central Province was arrested by the police after he and his brother attacked their 84-year-old mother for alleged witchcraft.

Some of the murders were associated with alleged infidelity, alcohol abuse and rituals, a weekly newspaper quoted Nyathi as saying.

“A murder case is recorded every week, in some situations even two or more, with the trend growing in all the provinces,” he said. – Xinhua