Marry Chiwenga has been denied access to her her kids for two years.

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry’s court case was yesterday set for November 15 after the defence team failed to produce a medical report to ascertain her mental fitness to stand trial.  

Marry was last Friday attended to by two medical specialists in fulfilment of a court order.

“She was examined last Friday by two doctors, but the reports have not yet been prepared,” her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa told the court.

This comes after Harare magistrate Lazini Ncube ordered Marry to be medically examined by another specialist to ascertain the effect of the six drugs on her mental state to stand trial in a matter she is accused of providing false information to a marriage officer.

The doctor who initially examined her, Simukai Percy Machawira, had endorsed that she was physically fit to stand trial but her defense team insists she needs to travel outside Zimbabwe for treatment.

Pictures of a sickly Marry with deep sores on her hands while bedridden have been floating on social media raising fears for her life. She has further blamed her estranged husband for denying her access to her kids.

The court made the order after Mtetwa said her client could not follow proceedings as the medication she is taking is mind-altering. 

The State had pushed for her trial to open following the release of the medical report which stated that she was physically fit to stand trial.

This was challenged by the defence on the basis that the report only dealt with the physical aspect and did not cover the mental elements.

Allegations are that in 2019 Marry made false representation to Judge President of the High Court George Mutandwa Chiweshe that Chiwenga had consented to wed under the Marriage Act 5:11 under the marriage licence on July 2, 2019, at their place of residence at number 614 Nick Price Drive, Borrowdale Brooke, Harare.

Marry allegedly submitted copies of national identity documents of both parties to the Judge President George Mutandwa Chiweshe without the knowledge and consent of Chiwenga.

She is also facing attempted murder, money laundering and assault charges before the court and all the cases are pending. – Daily News