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Zareef Minty’s appointment as the CEO of Afribiz Media has been hailed is a significant development in the media industry in Africa.

Minty, who is a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 list maker, is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, with a wealth of experience in the media and marketing industry.

At the age of 29, Minty has already made a name for himself in the business world.

Reflecting on his vision for Afribiz Media – aiming at creating a world-class media conglomerate that to change the global narrative about Africa, Minty said the company has what it takes to become Africa’s first unicorn company – a start-up valued at over $1 billion.

Said Minty: “Imagine having a world class media conglomerate in Africa that is thriving and changing the global narrative. Imagine that conglomerate is led by young people. Imagine that conglomerate becoming Africa’s first unicorn company. You don’t have to imagine anymore, I would like to introduce you to Afribiz Media.”  

One of the key strategies that Minty plans to implement is to disrupt the marketing and public relations space by offering world-class services to all clients. The company will offer a range of media services, including social media management, PR (public relations), marketing, branding, features and many more.

The company has already received endorsements from global leaders and stars such as Akon and Jordan Belfort, who is known for the movie The Wolf of Wall-street – a recognition Minty said were “a testament to the quality of the services that Afribiz Media plans to offer”.

The company has also announced its ambitious Afribiz Media Plan 2030, involving expanding its operations to every country in Africa and the Middle East in the next seven years – a bold move that demonstrates Minty’s confidence in the company’s ability to succeed.

“We are proud to announce our Afribiz Media Plan 2030, in the next seven years, we will have offices in multiple countries around Africa and in the Middle East,” said Minty. 

Minty’s appointment as the CEO of Afribiz Media has been seen by experts as a positive development for the media industry in Africa.

“With his vision and leadership skills, Minty is well-positioned to take the company to new heights and make it a major player in the global media space,” said one.

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