GLOBAL ICT giant Huawei ranked third in South Africa’s IaaS market by revenue in 2022, second IaaS vendor in China and fifth globally.

The Chinese company maintains sustained high growth, according to the latest research report “Market Share: IT Services, worldwide 2022” (April 2023) released by Gartner®.

The cloud computing IaaS market maintains high growth.

In Southern Africa, Huawei Cloud is the first cloud service provider to operate local data centers (3-AZ) and the fastest growing cloud service provider.

It provides cloud services to 14 countries in the region and is actively developing customers in over 50 countries, covering 450 industry customers in government, carrier, finance, manufacturing, mining, education, internet, retail, logistics, etc.

Huawei Cloud practices its commitment “in Africa, for Africa” and continues to empower local partners and customers.

Huawei Cloud has developed more than 200 partners in Southern Africa, covering education, healthcare, retail, mining, and other sectors, jointly building localized industry solutions for local enterprises and working together to unleash digital productivity in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, and other countries.

Huawei Cloud actively supports local SMEs and has sponsored more than 20 startups in South Africa and Uganda to use Huawei Cloud for free, and will build on this foundation to provide support to startups in more countries and regions.

Tenece, one of Huawei Cloud’s core partners covering Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia, is a technology company with a strong focus on technology.

Based on its deep understanding and trust in Huawei Cloud, Tenece not only expands the local cloud market with Huawei Cloud as a partner, but also significantly reduces operational complexity and IT operational expenses by migrating its business to the cloud, while ensuring high availability of its business systems and business continuity with the stability and high availability of Huawei Cloud.

In the financial field, Huawei Cloud provided an online disaster recovery solution for Royal Exchange, a long-established Nigerian insurance company, replacing the traditional self-built data center operation model and improving backup efficiency by about 30%.

This not only greatly reduces business complexity and realizes cost reduction and efficiency, but also meets a series of requirements for regulatory compliance.

In the education field, Dynamic DNA has trained a large number of ICT technical talents for large enterprises and institutions in South Africa.

Faced with the situation that traditional LMS cannot effectively protect their talent training business during the epidemic, Huawei Cloud provides Dynamic DNA with a leading solution with high reliability, high security and high scalability.

This not only solves the customer’s immediate concerns, but also builds a fully connected, secure, stable and reliable infrastructure for future talent training and business hosting.

In addition, Huawei Cloud provides professional cloud service offerings for a number of customers, including AASA, the Automotive Association of South Africa, Rain, a 5G wireless broadband service provider in South Africa, and Terra Group, a spatial data consultancy in Africa.