WOULD you like to help feed the poor?

Then how about you put your money where their mouths are? This you can do by buying any packet of Royco soup from a Checkers supermarket near you before April 25.Through an initiative of the Royco and Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen, Royco will donate a cup for every packet of soup bought. The partnership between Royco and Shoprite Mobile Soup Kitchen stretches 10 years and has helped deliver over 40 million meals across South Africa, one of the most unequal countries in the world, where thousands go to bed hungry. 

Thousands of poor people in South Africa are just a meal away from certain starvation. The Covid-19 induced lockdown has made the situation worse for millions, with many communities ravished by the pandemic facing unimaginable poverty and suffering. Across the country, the poor have felt the pinch as job losses soar and livelihoods are destroyed. During lockdown, 5000 organisations have been assisted through this initiative, with more than 4.4 million meals of soup and bread served, according to the organisers.

But more still needs to be done.  “We believe that the smallest act can create big change. This partnership allows us to feed children vitamin-enriched meals, which will contribute to building a stronger South Africa,” said Vickey Kahn, Food Portfolio Manager at Mars.Since 2007, Royco has been involved in soup kitchens, working in some of the most impoverished communities, including township schools and old-age homes.

The current nationwide campaign, which started in March, aims to donate half a million cups of soup.