China’s C919 large passenger jetliner completed its first airline validation flight on Monday, taking off from a Shanghai airport and landing at an airport in Beijing.

It marks the initiation of the 100-hour aircraft validation flight process, which will last until mid-February 2023. The testing process will comprehensively verify the reliability of the C919 with commercial operation in mind — with the aim of ensuring its safety and efficiency.

The C919 is China’s first homegrown large jetliner.

The 100-hour aircraft validation flight process will see the aircraft land in several cities across China, including Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Haikou and Qingdao, according to China Eastern Airlines, the C919’s launch operator.

The first C919 aircraft was delivered to China Eastern Airlines earlier this month.

The first group of pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel have completed their training, and further training for personnel in key positions has been carried out, China Eastern Airlines said.

The results of the validation flight process will be reviewed and inspected by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and an operating permit for the C919 aircraft will be issued to the airline if the test results prove satisfactory.

The aircraft is expected to be put into commercial operation by China Eastern Airlines in the spring of 2023.

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