SEH Calaz’s former manager Preston Maporisa recently donated a variety of groceries to almost 70 beneficiaries in Mushangwe village, Seke.

Village headman Shepherd Mushangwe hailed Maporisa for remembering his roots.

“It’s commendable seeing ‘our son’ coming back home to assist us. We thank God for blessing us with hardworking children who always remember their roots. 

“Preston is an example of such a child who grasped the concept of sharing which we taught here,” Mushangwe said.

Maporisa’s mother Imila Otilia Tekedza-Maporisa was equally moved by her son’s generosity.

“It’s a dream come true. His father died in 1993 and it was hard for me to get the basics for the family. I used to do manual work to make ends meet. 

“Sending them (her children) to school was also a struggle but now I thank God, my son is now giving back to the community and I am proud of him,” she said.

Maporisa, who was born and bred in Seke, said he learnt the virtues of ploughing back to the community from the Zimdancehall chanter and popular dancehall music promoter Paul ‘‘Elder’’ Shambare.

“I am greatly inspired by biblical stories. I also learnt a lot from Seh Calaz when I was his manager. He was always donating. Seh Calaz understands the power of giving. His philanthropic activities really had an impact on me.

“The same goes for Elder Shambare who always gives back to the community and shares the little he gets with others. He is popular among inmates and orphans for this reason,” Maporisa said.