Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations. 

UNITED NATIONS– A Chinese envoy on Tuesday called for the adjustment, and ultimate lifting, of Security Council sanctions against Sudan in relation to the Darfur region.

The sanctions have severely restricted the Sudanese government’s ability to maintain stability and protect civilians in Darfur.

The restrictive measures should be adjusted in light of the evolving situation until they are lifted, said Dai Bing, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations. 

China regrets that the council was not able to set benchmarks for adjusting Sudan sanctions by August 31, as required by a Security Council resolution, and urges the penholder to earnestly fulfill responsibilities, resume consultations as soon as possible, and make the utmost efforts for consensus, he told the Security Council. 

“It must be stressed that the benchmarks should be clear, well-defined and realistic. They should not go beyond the Darfur issue and existing sanctions measures, nor should they become a political tool to delay the lifting of sanctions against Sudan,” said Dai.

The Sudanese government has stated its position on the benchmarks in its letter to the Security Council dated August 31, which deserves positive responses from the penholder and other members of the council, he said. 

At present, Sudan’s economy and livelihoods continue to deteriorate and the humanitarian situation faces grave challenges.

When the Sudanese people are most in need, politically motivated suspension of economic aid and debt relief will aggravate the economic and humanitarian stress of Sudan and will not help it get out of the current predicament, he said.

“China calls on relevant countries and international organizations to adopt responsible policies and resume international assistance to Sudan as soon as possible, so as to help the country alleviate its economic and humanitarian difficulties.”

China supports Sudan’s peace and development, and attaches no political conditions in doing so.

China will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields between the two countries, and provide support and assistance to Sudan to the best of its abilities, he said. 

Sudan is now at a critical stage of political transition.

While challenges and uncertainties remain, the relevant parties have stayed to the cause of dialogue and consultation in search of a way to restore the transitional government and continue the political transition, said Dai. 

Facts have repeatedly proved that the Sudanese issue can only be resolved by finding a path that accords with its national conditions and interests of the country and people, while the imposition of external solutions and single-minded pursuit of quick results will not be conducive to lasting political stability.

The international community should adhere to the Sudanese-owned and Sudanese-led principle, remain patient with its internal consultation and dialogue, and offer support and encouragement to the efforts of the political forces in Sudan, he said. – Xinhua