JOHANNESBURG — The Johannesburg-based African Energy Chamber (AEC) has held talks with the Russian government officials to address energy challenges in the African continent.

The African Energy Chamber said their officials met with Pavel Sorokin, First Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia, to discuss Russia-Africa energy collaboration.

The African Energy Chamber said the Russia-Africa energy collaboration helps accelerate large-scale energy developments in Africa. 

“The meeting with Pavel Sorokin was centered around this very narrative: that to alleviate energy poverty and drive long-term, sustainable economic growth, we need to improve Russia-Africa collaboration, drive an Africa-adapted just energy transition, and fight climate change,” said Njock Ajuk Eyong executive chairperson of the AEC.

Eyong stated that collaboration with Russia would help the African continent transition to cleaner energy, alleviate poverty, improve the lives of the people and result in economic growth.

He said Africa has over 125 billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves and 620 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and needs partners like Russia to monetize this. 

He said that “the AEC is committed to making energy poverty history in Africa by 2030, and to do this, we believe that every resource available on the continent needs to be maximized.

“Russia can help drive investment and know-how into these resources and ensure the continent benefits from its natural resource wealth.” 

Eyong said Africa has the potential to meet domestic and global energy demand and can stabilize prices and avoid volatility in the global oil and gas market. – Xinhua