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Frenndy Wang, Channel Department Director at Huawei South Africa’s Enterprise Division, at the launch of the new venture at Sandton Convention Center.

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises in Huawei South Africa’s ecosystem will benefit from a new commercial vehicle launched by ICT giant last week.

The new business will also help the company grow its partner ecosystem by attracting SMEs customers across the education, retail, manufacturing, mining, and finance sectors.

At the launch event held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 22 November 2022, Huawei outlined the aims and objectives of the new commercial business.

Gene Zhang, Managing Director of Huawei South Africa’s Enterprise Division.

“Huawei is very committed to developing together with our local partners. Our goal is to promote digital transformation for customers in various industries,” said Gene Zhang, Managing Director of Huawei South Africa’s Enterprise Division.

He was speaking during the launch event at the Sandton Convention Centre on 22 November 2022.

“We believe that by working together with our partners we can help our customers achieve business success,” he added.

Gene Zhang, Managing Director of Huawei South Africa’s Enterprise Division.

Zhang outlined the company’s plans with this new venture, and said they were hoping to recruit partners that will expand Huawei’s market reach.

“In terms of incentives for new partners, we will have a deal registration, a sales performance incentive fund, and programs with product-related bundles,” said Zhang.

The company’s enterprise products and solutions focus on networking, storage, video surveillance, optical products, and its IdeaHub smart whiteboard series.

Huawei will also support its partners in testing prototypes, shortening product lead time and provide training for sales and pre-sales and holding technical workshops, special product training sessions and face-to-face training.

Huawei Enterprise products and solutions expo are Sandton Convention Center.

Frenndy Wang, Channel Department Director at Huawei South Africa’s Enterprise Division, explained: “The launch of our new commercial venture will enable us to expand the business to become more partner-led by developing a competitive commercial and incentive system that ensures partners are able to grow and create profit.

“The success of these achievements depends on long-term and stable collaboration and Huawei remains committed to ensuring a fair, transparent and beneficial partner ecosystem built with integrity at its core.”

Huawei has more than 1300 partners consisting of more than 1200 sales partners, 63 service and operation partners, and 72 talent alliance partners.

The company has built a complete enablement system for partners using the one-stop partner transaction platform, E-Partner, to simplify the process.

Added Wang: “Huawei’s partner ecosystem is built on the fundamental principles of working with our partners to develop customers and projects by making use of our respective strengths, understanding their challenges to achieve success, and integrating with them to drive results.”

Two of the customers gave testimony at the launch.

Donna Mostert, Huawei Business Unit Manager for Mustek.

“Although there are many different vendors out there, Mustek chose Huawei and Huawei chose Mustek, and every year we grow in success with several milestones achieved,” said Huawei Business Unit Manager for Mustek, Donna Mostert, speaking at the event.

Fred Saayman Huawei Business Unit Executive for Pinnacle.

Fred Saayman, Huawei Business Unit Executive for Pinnacle, also spoke at the event.

“As our biggest enterprise vendor, Huawei has helped us achieve the pre-sales certifications that have enabled us to bring our products closer to commercial customers, helping them on their commercial business journeys into the education, mining and financial space,” he said. – Zambezi News